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If you are caught up with my podcast, you know I'm spreading myself a bit thin right now but I wanted to check in here and say Hiiiiiiiii! It's a Friday night and I decided to spend it by adding my shows to my website. I'm really excited about all of the shows in the next few months. I auditioned at the Ice House and got chosen to perform in December and that felt really good. I just re-launched my Patreon page because more than a few of you have asked how you can help support my podcast. It would mean so much to me if you become a patron. Every little bit helps and gives me the validation and reassurance I need to keep going. I'm not going to promise any crazy tiers just yet but only because I don't have any time to provide extra content. With your help and support, I can free up more time to do more podcasts and stand up and sketches. I'm moving back to Hollywood on November 1st! I'm so excited. I took a little break in Irvine and it's been great. But I'm happy to be going back home to LA. Hoping it will be nicer to me this time around. I've already been chewed up and spit out a bunch of times so I think I've paid my dues - fingers crossed. Thanks so much for continuing to listen to The Not So Sexy, Sexy Podcast with Liv Milano. I've ranked in the top 10 Stand Up/Comedy podcasts on Apple Podcasts in multiple countries including the US, Australia, Germany and the UK. And I've received some really sweet emails from listeners. I appreciate all of you!

Here is the Patreon link: Become a Patron!

My birthday is 11/11 and if you want to send me a card or gifts, I have a PO Box (hint hint). PO Box 5753, Irvine CA 92616. Totally accepting bras size 32i haha. Try to do a search. They are so hard to find and so freaking expensive. My Patreon should just be called the bra fund. Alright I'm feeling loopy from lack of sleep so I'm gonna go. Byyeeeeee xx

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