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45 Episodes!! 

Hey Guys! As you know, I've been MIA and only did one podcast in February. I think part of it has to do with how heavy the last few have been for me. To hear my own voice as I was going through the hardest time of my life was difficult. Safe to say, I will not be going through the over 40 hours of my video depositions or the tons of depositions of anyone else in the lawsuit anytime soon. It's not just the memories of the copyright lawsuit, but the memory of all of the other difficult challenges I faced at…

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30 Episodes 

If you are caught up with my podcast, you know I'm spreading myself a bit thin right now but I wanted to check in here and say Hiiiiiiiii! It's a Friday night and I decided to spend it by adding my shows to my website. I'm really excited about all of the shows in the next few months. I auditioned at the Ice House and got chosen to perform in December and that felt really good. I just re-launched my Patreon page because more than a few of you have asked how you can help support my podcast. It would mean so…

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11 Episodes! 

I made it past 10 episodes so I want to thank everyone who has listened and subscribed and left me feedback. It really helps more than you know. The hardest part about doing a weekly podcast for me is that I have to believe in myself for at least one day a week and I had no idea how difficult that would be haha. I'm not totally in a rhythm yet as far as the whole process. I still need to work on consistent segments and marketing. I totally notice the difference when I spend a couple hours doing online seo…

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January 2019 

Hey Guys! Thanks for visiting my website. I'm in creative overdrive mode so I'll be keeping you updated with my show schedule here. Please keep your eye out for my brand new podcast: The Not So Sexy, Sexy Podcast! My plan is to launch it by the end of January 2019. I promise it will always be interesting at the very least. I also plan on getting a new commercial and theatrical agent this year. I know it's already pilot season, but I really want to do moreIndie Films the most anyway. If you want to see my…

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Comedy Variety Show with Liv Milano

The Ice House Comedy Club, 24 N Mentor, Pasadena

Dave McNary’s Comedy Variety Show featuring Liv Milano! This will be her 1st performance ever at the legendary Ice House Comedy Club so be sure to get tickets. DM @livmilano on ig for discount seats.